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About Us

With over 35 years of extensive experience in global sourcing, Jojabesi Sourcing Specialists (JSS) stands as a beacon of excellence in procurement, sourcing, and project management. Operating from our base in Johannesburg, South Africa, we provide tailored services that address the unique dynamics of the African market. Recognizing the diversity across the continent, we offer bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of each client and country.

Specializing in sourcing construction finishes and related products, we collaborate with esteemed South African manufacturers like Cobra, Roca, Kwikot, Duravit, Grohe, Franke, and more, ensuring that all our products are manufactured locally and come with comprehensive warranties. Our product range spans from Sanware, Kwikot geysers, Franke sinks, and hospital products to roller shutter doors, Swartland wooden doors and windows, and ironmongery, among others. Moreover, we have the capacity to customize products according to unique specifications.

Our portfolio boasts successful supply to a diverse array of projects, including prestigious developments like in Lagos, Nigeria, and and in Abuja, Nigeria. Additionally, we've been the main supplier for the renovation of Circle Mall in Osapa, Nigeria. Our services extend to various locations, including Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kumasi, among others.

Collaborating closely with Quantity Surveyors, Architects, and Project Managers, we offer an end-to-end service that encompasses quoting, ordering, and seamless on-site supply. Additionally, we provide specialized sourcing services for industries ranging from Construction and Engineering to Mining, managing supply chains across Africa.

Recognizing that maintaining in-house expertise in every category of spend can be a daunting task, we offer an efficient alternative. By partnering with JSS, organizations can benefit from our rapid spend analysis, implementation of industry best practices, and expert negotiation with suppliers. We can supplement internal procurement departments, offering services such as strategic planning, supplier rationalization, and strategic sourcing.

At JSS, our goal is to provide a holistic solution that combines tools, consulting, and implementation skills to deliver the best possible results for our clients. With a commitment to integrity and a legacy of excellence, Jojabesi Sourcing Specialists remains a trusted partner for global procurement needs.

  • Global Sourcing and Procurement: We specialize in acquiring top-quality products and materials from around the world, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Procurement Department Consultancy: Leveraging our expertise, we assist in the setup and optimization of procurement departments, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency.

  • Procurement Personnel Training: We provide tailored training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of procurement professionals, aligning them with industry best practices.

  • Process Assessment and Enhancement: Our experts evaluate your current procurement processes, offering strategic insights and implementing improvements for streamlined operations.

  • Shipping, Freight, and Logistics Coordination: We manage the intricate process of coordinating shipping, freight, and logistics to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of goods.

  • Specialization in Construction Finishes and Sanitary Ware: With a focus on construction finishes and sanitary ware, we offer a diverse range of high-quality products to meet your project needs.

  • Equipment and Machinery Procurement: We excel in sourcing and providing cutting-edge equipment and machinery to facilitate seamless project execution.

JSS Services

  • Integrity: Upholding transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct.

  • Customer-Centricity: Prioritizing customer needs and delivering exceptional value.

  • Excellence: Striving for top-quality service in every aspect of operations.

  • Adaptability: Tailoring solutions to diverse client and country requirements.

  • Expertise Sharing: Empowering professionals through knowledge transfer.

  • Collaboration: Building strong partnerships for mutual success.

  • Continuous Improvement: Commitment to ongoing enhancement and innovation.

  • Africa Commitment: Dedication to contributing to the growth of the continent.

Core Values

Our Leadership

A seasoned Manager with an impressive 34-year track record across 13 African countries, Haiti, and the USA. Demonstrated expertise spans Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Project Management, Construction, Contract Management, Logistics, General Management, and Sales and Marketing Management.

Distinguished leadership in the strategic sphere, instrumental in overseeing and orchestrating Strategic Sourcing and Procurement initiatives. Established and nurtured high-performance teams in regions including Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Nigeria, Haiti, and the USA. Achieved notable cost savings of over US$1.4 million through the introduction of Strategic Sourcing methodologies in five African nations.

Adept at implementing robust Supply Chain Management (SCM) processes, including Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management, across eleven countries. Thrived in politically charged, conflict-prone environments, leveraging diplomatic finesse, astute business acumen, and exceptional interpersonal skills to negotiate, network, and deliver results.

Expertly managed a diverse array of responsibilities, from projects, teams, budgets, and international personnel to equipment, logistics, and procurement. Demonstrated proficiency in identifying and resolving SCM challenges, swiftly revitalizing performance in Sales, Contract Management, Logistics, and Procurement.

Oversaw comprehensive Logistics operations, encompassing shipping, air freight, road transport, and equipment such as forklifts for Warehousing. Spearheaded a shift towards a global approach for Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, culminating in significant cost savings.

Negotiated a substantial US$1.2 million reduction on a US$2.4 million deal, resulting in a 50% cost reduction. Orchestrated the procurement of goods totaling US$30 million within a tight six-week timeline, ensuring timely delivery for the Earthquake Response in Haiti.

Initiated global tenders through web-based e-tendering methods for a US-based company. Pioneered Vendor Management, instituting supplier databases and implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Maintained stakeholder relations through ongoing education of both internal and external stakeholders.

Authored and executed contracts and agreements for services on significant projects, including a US$200 million venture in Haiti and a US$100 million initiative in Zimbabwe.

Sedick Toffa
Chief Executive Officer

With a wealth of experience exceeding a decade in Africa, coupled with a robust background in international and humanitarian management, I offer a versatile skill set encompassing Project Management, General Management, Logistics, Procurement, and Capacity Building.

I am a proud alumnus of the World Vision International Humanitarian Emergency Africa Rapid Response Team, where I received specialized training. Notable achievements include the seamless coordination of conferences and workshops on a global scale, spanning key locations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, and Bangkok.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated proficiency in project oversight, team management, budget administration, and collaboration with international teams. My role has involved close collaboration with Regional Office logistics and procurement teams, contributing to the successful execution of various initiatives.

My tenure has seen me cultivate strong and enduring relationships with a diverse range of Hotels and Conference service providers. This experience has instilled in me a keen understanding of cultural sensitivities, enriched by collaboration with talented and dynamic professionals from diverse nationalities.

I am particularly proud of my involvement in the development of a Community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment, an initiative that underscores my commitment to effecting positive change within communities.

Bolstered by a robust foundation in management, finance, logistics, procurement, and capacity building, I am adept at assessing current processes and formulating strategic plans. I excel in designing and implementing tailored supply chain solutions, catering to the unique challenges faced by small to medium-sized enterprises.

My expertise extends to the implementation of systems that optimize client operations, drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Procurement. Additionally, I have a proven track record in designing and executing targeted training curriculums to empower specific groups within an organization.

Jacqueline Muthoni Toffa
Operations Director

Trading with Integrity

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