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JSS Workforce

Sedick Toffa
Chief Executive Officer

A multi skilled Manager with over 34 years work experience in 13 African countries Haiti and USA specializing in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Project Management, Construction, Contract Management, Logistics, General Management and Sales and Marketing Management.

  • Lead and was in a critical role in Managing Strategic Sourcing and procurement – developed and managed high performance teams in the Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Nigeria, Haiti and USA.
  • Generated savings of over US$1,4 million from introducing Strategic Sourcing in 5 countries in Africa.
  • Streamlined by implementing SCM processes including Strategic sourcing and Contract Management in 11 countries.
  • Managed to operate successfully in politically intense, conflict ridden environments – exercising diplomacy, streetwise business savvy, outstanding people skills to negotiate, network and get the job done.
  • Managed projects, people, budgets, international teams, equipment, logistics and procurement.
  • Identified SCM problems and obstacles, creating solutions and quickly turning performance around in Sales, Contract Management, Logistics and Procurement.
  • Coordination of all Logistics, shipping, air freight, road and all equipment like forklifts for Warehousing.
  • Influenced country staff to adopt a global approach for Procurement, Strategic sourcing which created savings.
  • Negotiated a US$1.2 million saving on a US$ 2.4 million deal equating 50% savings
  • Purchased US$ 30 million worth of goods in 6 weeks and timely delivery for Earthquake Response Haiti.
  • Launched global tenders via web based e tendering approach for USA based company
  • Vendor Management which including the setup of supplier databases, Introduction of KPI’s.
  • Stakeholder Management and continued educating of external and internal stakeholders.
  • Authored contracts agreements for all services for a US$200 million project in Haiti and US$100 million in Zimbabwe.

Jacqueline Muthoni Toffa
Operations Director

Offering over 10 years work experience in Africa with international and humanitarian management experience. Successfully Managed Projects, General Management, Project Management, Logistics, Procurement and Capacity Building

  • Trained in World Vision International Humanitarian Emergency Africa Rapid Response Team.
  • Coordinated Conferences and workshops globally – Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa and Bangkok.
  • Managing projects, people, budgets, international teams, worked with Regional Office logistics, and procurement.
  • Established and maintained good relations with various Hotels and Conference service providers.
  • Culture sensitive and had the opportunity to work with experienced, talented and dynamic people from different nationalities thus acquiring an ability to appreciate working in varied environments.
  • Part of a team that developed a Community vulnerability and Capacity Assessment.
  • With the background of a strong management financial, logistics, procurement and capacity building.
  • Assess current processes, plan, design, implement and manage the supply chain challenges from small to medium sized companies.
  • Implement systems which the client will benefit from our knowledge and expertise in SCM and Procurement, design and implement training curriculums for specific target group.

Mission Statement

About JSS

We are supply chain professionals committed to delivering value added Procurement services while delighting our customers and partnering with preferred suppliers.

Vision Statement

Our Vision

To implement a world class Sourcing and Procurement function that is customer focused.

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