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Jojabesi Sourcing Specialist (JSS), 7 Ballygreen, Meteor Road, Sundowner, Johannesburg, 2162, South Africa. Cell: +27 788476729 | Email:,

About Us

JSS Background History

JSS offers over 20 years’ experience in the Sourcing business. We are Consultants and experienced in all aspects of Procurement, Sourcing and Project Management. JSS has a wide range of experience in Africa and has the capacity to offer its services specifically for each client or country. Africa is dynamic and no one solution will work in every country. We offer diversity and purpose made services just for you.

We can supplement internal procurement departments. These tasks include: strategic planning, implementing best practices, supplier rationalization, and supplier collaboration, strategic sourcing and negotiation.

You would ask why use a Procurement Services Provider? At most organizations, it is very expensive and difficult to maintain domain expertise in every category of spend. Using JSS avoids the burdens of procurement infrastructure for non-strategic categories. JSS can provide a rapid analysis of an organization’s spend and implement changes, negotiate with suppliers, and use proven industry best practices. JSS can become an extension of the organization’s existing procurement resources, in a non-obtrusive fashion.

Some organizations choose to completely outsource their procurement departments to a dedicated procurement company why not choose JSS.

JSS can also be used in any of the following scenarios: replace your current procurement department, supplement your current resources in strategic or non-strategic product areas, provide electronic tools to make your procurement department more efficient, or simply as consultants for implementing best practices.

JSS offers a combination of tools, consulting, or implementation skills. This will provide your organization with the best possible result, as each piece individually does not provide the results that an entire solution can offer.


Our services include:

  • Sourcing/ Procurement  Globally.
  • Consultancy in setting up Procurement Department.
  • Training of Procurement personnel.
  • Assessment of current processes and assist in improving systems
  • Co ordinate the shipping and freight, logistics.
  • Specialize in Construction finishes Sanitary ware
  • Equipment and machinery.

Mission Statement

About JSS

We are supply chain professionals committed to delivering value added Procurement services while delighting our customers and partnering with preferred suppliers.

Vision Statement

Our Vision

To implement a world class Sourcing and Procurement function that is customer focused.